How to upgrade Amped Extender Firmware

New firmware updates are released regularly by the Amped wireless in order to enhance the functioning and performance and improving the user experience. A new firmware file will remove the bugs that were present within the previous file. Hence Overall working and functioning of the Amped wireless extender will be improved. To updating the firmware for your Amped device, you can either choose an automatic method or manual method.

Amped Automatic Firmware Upgrade:-

To download the updated firmware version, check the Downloads page on or amped wireless official support site for your product on the regular basis to see if there are any available updates.

Amped Extender Manual Firmware Upgrade:-

Download the firmware file with updated version as a zip file from the Support Webpage link on the left or by visiting As well as Save the file on your computer to be uploaded while the manual firmware upgrade process.

1. Make sure that Amped extender is securely connected to the computer through wireless or wired connection.

2. Get into an updated version of internet browser of your choice to access the amped wireless login page.

3. Now, enter the web address in the address bar of the web browser to access the Dashboard of the amped wireless range extender

4. You can try to login through the default IP address in case you are unable to access the web menu or dashboard of the amped extender through login,

5. The amped extender web menu/dashboard will appear. Click on More Settings from the dashboard and then click on Management option on the left side menu.

6. Go to Upgrade Firmware option and click on choose file to browse and select the downloaded firmware file.

7. Click on upload button to update the Amped firmware file and wait for your amped Wi-Fi Range Extender to reboot.

8. This concludes the Amped extender firmware upgrade process.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup for Amped wireless range extenders (WPS):-

Amped extender manufacturers have made it easier for users to get done with the Amped extender setup process in no time. As well as this is done with the help of WPS button on the Amped wireless device. If your wireless router features a WPS button also , you’ll get through with the setup. WPS is a Wi-Fi feature which is also called as one touch setup or Wi-Fi Protected Setup makes the installation and configuration of amped wireless extender much easier. Hence this two minutes duration is allocated so users can get done with the complicated setup procedures which some devices require to be completed.

You can hook up with your Amped Wireless range extender Wi-Fi using the subsequent steps:-

1. Place the Amped wireless range extender near your existing home network router and connect to the power supply. Allow the power light get stable.

2. Hold and push down the WPS button on your existing router for about 10 seconds. As well as, repeat the process on the amped device by pressing the WPS button located on back panel of the device.

3. The WPS status LEDs on both the amped wireless range extender and the home network router will blink following the connection and will get stable after blinking for few seconds.

4. A separate wireless / Wi-Fi network will be broadcasted after the amped range extender and the router are connected.

5. The Amped extender will copy the wireless and security settings of your home router network.

6. You can customize the settings of your Amped device by accessing the Amped wireless dashboard with the help of web page.

Amped extender reset:-

There can be nothing that cannot be solved using this step. Considered the last resort, if you are facing issues with your amped wireless extender, you can perform a factory RESET operation. Amped wireless range extenders can be reset back to its genuine factory state through either of the two methods listed below.

• Resetting through the reset button

• As well as Resetting via the range extender interface via

Resetting via the range extender interface via

1. Get into an updated internet browser of your choice such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the Amped extender login page.

2. Enter the web address in the address bar of the web browser to access the Amped extender login page.

3. Note: in case you are unable to access the web menu or dashboard of the amped extender through login, you can try to login through the default IP address

4. When you reach to the dashboard of the amped wireless extender, click on More Settings then click Management.

5. Click on factory reset, and the extender will reset to factory defaults.

6. Allow the extender to reboot to complete the settings.

Amped wireless setup:- Amped wireless range extender reset through the reset button:-

• Press and hold the push button located on rock bottom of the amped Range Extender for 5-10 seconds while your extender is connected to the facility.

• Release the button after few seconds, and the extender settings will be reset to factory defaults.

All the previously configured settings will be erased after you reset the Amped range extender.

Hence you will need to sign into Amped smart wizard to setup and reconfigure the amped

wireless extender using a web address

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